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Top Promoter Contest

Increase the Number of Members Promoting your Site

Weekly contest is automatically setup
and members can see current top members in the member area

Members can create their own splash pages and register them.
Once approved by admin, the external splash pages will be tracked

Admin pages to control everything you need:
Exclude members from contest (admin/ cheaters)
Review statistics
Define prizes to be rewarded automatically
Review and approve custom splash pages created by members
Exclude specific domains where members could promote (like autosurf sites)

Review statistics of promotion activity, by user, group of users or all users, by splash page,
by referral domain or any combination you are interested in

Configure points per site to increase promoting in your preferred sites
This list is show in the member with your own affiliate URL

Define prizes for Top Promoters and/or random promoters
Winners are informed by email and prizes are rewarded automatically every week! No additional work for you


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