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Face an Opponent

Increase the Surf Activity in Your Site

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Define one or multiple contest during the week where two members compete to surf more pages and win a prize. The number of pages to surf is limited per day, to avoid over surfing.

During a contest, members are paired as they start surfing. Opponent and pages surfed are shown on the top surfbar. The member who surfs more pages wins and gets the prize automatically at the end of the day. In case of tie, prizes are split. A leaderboard is shown in the member area based on Times Won accumulated

Prizes are defined per member level, including credits, banner, text ads and/or cash. One or multiple day contest can be defined (up to 7 contests) and statistics of recent contests are available in the admin area

This mod includes:

  • Member area page where members can see next, current and previous contests
  • Member area page with all times leaderboard based on times won accumulated
  • Admin pages to define weekly contests, prizes per member level and check contest statistics

A great package to increase your site activity
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This mod can be installed in all your LFM sites which you own.

  • LFMTE 2.27 or superior is required
  • Temporal access to your cpanel is required for the installation
  • There is no impact on LFM script
  • You will receive free upgrades for this mod in case I enhance it

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