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Reduce the Time and Effort to Manage Your Site

Get the tools you are missing to manage subscriptions and signups easier, reducing drastically members who "abuse" the system by unsubscribing or deleting their accounts after sending emails.

With these tools you can:

  • Limit members sending email, unsubscribe for mailings and subscribing again when they want to send another email
  • Reduce members sending email, deleting their account and joining again when they want to send another email
  • Receive an email when a member unsubscribes or deletes the account
  • Manage deleted accounts
  • Avoid members unsubscribing by mistake by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the emails
  • Check subscription history by member
  • Identify probable rejoins
  • Ban email domains or restrict email domains (for example: only gmail accounts)

The tools you just were waiting!
Get it for one time payment of $ 50.00

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This mod can be installed in all your LFM sites which you own.

  • Temporal access to your cpanel is required for the installation
  • This mod requires limited changes on signup and member profile pages.
  • You will receive free upgrades for this mod in case I enhance it

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